Recent and forthcoming presentations:

American Anthropological Association- “Youth citizenship, education, and conflict,” Session Co-chair (with N.Moland). “Education and wait-citizenship: Youth aspirations in Kakuma Refugee Camp,” Paper presentation. Nov, 2016. Minneapolis, MN.

Latin American Studies Association- “Visible, yet invisible: Indigenous citizens and history in El Salvador and Guatemala.” Gellman, M. & Bellino, M.J. Paper presentation. May, 2016. New York, NY. Presented in absentia.

American Educational Research Association- “Engaging youth in reshaping their worlds across the world: Research on, for, and with youth as engaged global citizens.” Invited session. Apr, 2016. Washington DC.

World Education Research Association- “Cosmopolitanism as a privilege in postwar Guatemala.” Paper presentation. Apr, 2016. Washington DC.

Comparative and International Education Society- “Education, mobility, and belonging: Youth aspirations in Kakuma Refugee Camp”; “Citizen, interrupted: Educating for wait-citizenship amidst Guatemala’s ‘postwar’ challenges.” Paper presentations. Mar, 2016. Vancouver, Canada.

Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, Columbia University- Bellino, M.J. & Paulson, J. “Truth commissions and education: Looking forward, looking back.” Paper presentation. Dec, 2015. New York, NY.

American Anthropological Association- “Education and belonging in the context of an unknowable future: Youth aspirations in Kakuma Refugee Camp,” Paper presentation. “Educational polices and practices in transition: Equity, rights, and nation-building in post-conflict Guatemala,” Invited discussant. Nov, 2015. Denver, CO.

Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar Series- “Truth commissions and education,” Paulson, J. & Bellino, M.J. Presented in absentia. May, 2015. University of Oxford, UK.

Comparative and International Education Society- “Integration for whom?: Coordinating the UNHCR Global Education Strategy in Kakuma Refugee Camp”; “Truth commissions and education systems: Time to look back,” Paulson, J. & Bellino, M.J.; “The role of communities in education in conflict and crisis: Afghanistan,” Mehta, N., Bellino, M.J., & Faizi, Z. Mar, 2015. Washington DC.

American Anthropological Association- "What good is education under extreme conditions?: Producing anthropology of youth, education, and conflict." Session chair. “The risks we are willing to take: Youth civic development in ‘postwar’ Guatemala,” Paper presentation. Dec, 2014. Washington DC.

International Center for Transitional Justice Expert Roundtable- “Transitional Justice, education, and peacebuilding.” Invited participant. Co-organized with UNICEF. Oct, 2014. New York, NY.

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Critical conversations and bold ideas- “Technology and the soul of higher education: Hybrid learning models and individual learning playlists.” Invited participant. Sept, 2014: Cambridge, MA.

Georg Arnhold International Summer School on Education for Sustainable Peace- "Between involvement and avoidance: Legacies of good citizenship in 'postwar' Guatemala." Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, July 2014. Braunschweig, Germany.

Comparative and International Education Society “Constructing the good citizen in ‘postwar’ Guatemala.” Session co-chair (with E. Worden), “Shaping a new civil society: Education and transitional justice.” Mar, 2014. Toronto, Canada.

American Anthropological Association-Silence, memory and power: Divided approaches to civic development in postwar Guatemala.” Bellino, M.J., Rubin, B.C. Nov, 2013. Chicago, IL.

Jean Piaget Society- Invited discussant for “The development of historical concepts and narratives and the construction of national identities.” June, 2013. Chicago, IL.

Comparative and International Education Society- “Whose past, whose present?: Historical memory among the ‘postwar’ generation in Guatemala.” Mar, 2013. New Orleans, LA.

Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, Columbia University- “Education as a mechanism of transitional justice: But what kind of story, what kind of stance?” Dec, 2012. New York, NY.

Association of Moral Education- “When a historical compromise becomes an unusable past: Formal and informal education in “postwar” Guatemala.” Nov, 2012. San Antonio, TX.

International Society of Political Psychology, “Transitional justice, legacies of authoritarianism, and a failing democracy: Civic culture among Guatemala’s ‘postwar’ generation”; “The intersection of historical understanding and ethical reflection during early adolescence: A place where time is squared.” July, 2012. Chicago, IL.


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